As the harmful environmental effects of the fashion industry become increasingly apparent, it's important that all brands, whether emerging or established, find a way to contribute to the change we all want to see in the world.


Design decisions based on sustainable principles are more than using sustainable materials such as textiles, fabrics and dyes. At ISRAELLA KOBLA, we believe that we can incorporate sustainable principles in a sensible, practical manner without dismissing our fundamental design principles.


One of the best ways we can help the ISRAELLA KOBLA woman make ethical and sustainable fashion choices is by offering collections that are well thought out and timeless. We want to encourage you to shop with longevity in mind.


Beyond our designs, here are some of the other factors we take into consideration:



Minimizing the impact of manufacturing through good pattern design and cutting techniques. We operate primarily on a made on demand basis - eliminating overproduction and subsequent wastage.


Donating, re-using or recycling the waste and offcuts that are a by-product of the production process.



Sourcing materials and trims locally, whenever possible, and contracting local service providers in order to reduce the impact from transportation.



Designing aesthetically pleasing and functional packaging that allows our customers to re-use and repurpose the packaging their items arrived in. When that is not an option, we will opt for recyclable packaging. 



Committing to R&D as we work towards a more digitally-led design development process. This includes creating our patterns digitally, and eventually investing in 3D software to aid our sample development process.